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New Rank Structure

posted Oct 16, 2010 21:04:18 by Chevy
A new Rank Structure is being formed as we speak for the new core of XLZ Gaming so follow up on this topic and any sugestions, feel free to ask. Open for ideas from anyone.
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iLLuSiioN said Oct 16, 2010 23:00:26
We have one up right now check the structure page.
Admin of eXCeLZNation.Org
ImPeRiiuM said Oct 20, 2010 16:03:20
Just for clarification, are we still Excelz Gaming? Or are we now "Excelz Nation"?
(Owner of Excelz)
FiReBaLL said Nov 07, 2010 15:47:15
Rank Structure 4.0 is done. Revisions are being made so 5.0 will be coming out SOON. Any1 that whats a peek at 4.0 i"ll send it to you.
FiReBaLL said Nov 07, 2010 15:49:08
eXCeLZ Gaming is a part of eXCeLZ Nation. Excelz will be the "core" of Excelz Nation then whatever clans that follow.
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