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posted Oct 16, 2010 21:08:58 by Chevy
This will be a topic for anything and everything by anyone so if u got something random to say, post it here.
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Chevy said Oct 16, 2010 21:19:39
A little bit about who I am and what I do: Well I recently I joined up with Excelz Gaming yesterday along with Stealth XLZ (Gamertag) and we recently started up a clan based core; all fresh and new looking for new members to join up and play in some tounaments that we host. Stealth XLZ is the core manager and I myself; Gamertag: I Em I Chevy am the core leader and are currently working on the new Rank Structure for our core. Recently I left my old community called Empire and now i just want to start fresh. Any questions or comments talk to me on xbox live Gamertag: I Em I Chevy.
iLLuSiioN said Oct 16, 2010 23:06:00
Welcome chevy I <3 U LOL
Admin of eXCeLZNation.Org
SnakeXLZ said Oct 21, 2010 23:57:35
FiReBaLL said Oct 31, 2010 10:00:15
wow jhevvvvvy!
Chevy said Nov 10, 2010 19:32:43
I love how im not on the roster :_(
ImPeRiiuM said Nov 13, 2010 23:08:15
The roster is from earlier this summer...
(Owner of Excelz)
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